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But before you dive into, treat yourself to classic gold wow the magnificent World of Warcraft: Shadowlands cinematic trailer below.

Shadowlands will take players away from Azeroth because we understand it and place us in the world of the dead. In doing so, she has torn the barrier separating Azeroth and the Shadowlands beyond.

Sylvanas Windrunner has always been an ambiguous character, but lately expansions, she's been making increasingly suspicious decisions.

After fleeing to Icecrown, and destroying the veil separating Azeroth in the Shadowlands, gamers are left with no option but to follow her. However, this really is the land of the dead, so gamers will be able to enlist the assistance of allies that are recognizable -- and old enemies -- to put a stop to Sylvanas' plans, whatever they may be. Then there is Bastion, Ardenweald, Maldraxxus, Revendreth, and also the maximum level zone, The Maw.

If the Shadowlands was operating as it should, every new soul which entered could be made to the appropriate zone -- and its Covenant -- determined by that soul experiences and accomplishments in life. But the Shadowlands we find is in chaos and cheap classic wow gold spirits are being funnelled directly to The Maw, a location reserved for the very worst spirits.