The thing I find particularly odd about this whole thing

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Clearly the Animal Crossing New Horizons Items hairstyle wasn't deemed wrong as it was included in the match, therefore deciding to punish a player for not holding to obsolete office criteria in a match seems completely irrelevant.A balanced view of cultural appropriation demands nuance. Nuance demands circumstance. The internet rewards lack of significance and merit signaling. Additional to this, the impersonal nature of internet communication (even visually presented in video, for instance ) means that our ordinary human tendency to presume that the worst in others can spiral / snowball.

I remember reading a enormous twitter thread"exposing" Fifi of being a repeatedly problematic animal crossing player, changing usernames always after being prohibited, and screenshots along with testimonies of racist and other problematic behaviour. If I recall correctly, minimal evaluation was required to prove that the whole thread was a lie and evidence was fabricated to fuel the mob against her. The new bunch of hairs introduced into the game were intended for cultural addition for AC fans, imo. I think that the buns seem like afro puffs instead of space buns, but a hate mob was not vital. I basically unfollowed all animal crossing accounts and checked from Twitter for a while from this. Too much drama for such a simple and wholesome game.

The thing I find particularly odd about this whole thing is that people seem to think that it matters what the in game hair model is assumed to be.

In minecraft, should I use one fence block to hang a glowstone from the ceiling, then it is not a fence, it is a chandelier chain/rope. Even if the hairstyle has been named'Afro Puffs' in match and presented unambiguously as such, If I wanted to create a character with distance buns and there wasn't any closer hairstyle I would animal crossing furniture use that one. The post isn't ambiguous whatsoever about the intentions of the plan, so they're unquestionably space buns.