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To mine the gold charms ore you've got to have 15 mining and to mine the abyssal charms ore you need 80 mining that rest charms may RS gold possess a mining level between that Jagex can chose. If you have a look at the south part of the cavern there is a what looks like a portal site and a furnace mixed (the reason there is that the Portal-Furnace is since the charms in the event that you will are the"law rune" for the critters in the other dimension and what else could be better then to fuse that teleportation magic to the charm during its creation?) To make the charms you need to ores along with a charm mould that's conveniently in the furnace so you simply use 2 ores on the furnace and viola you have a charm! The only problem with mining the ores would be the fact that you can find"ore guardians" that randomly look while mining ranging from level 1-360 and may be any creature in the game....

Should you die you don't lose your stuff you just lose the ores you've mined out of Charm Furnace (That is what I termed it doesn't need to be name that lol) and you awake in the pup pin with (if you left your dog with the Pet store owner) your dog slobbering in your face or (in case you did not leave your dog with the Pet store owner) some arbitrary dog pulling at your leg with sharp teeth.

Other player may strike you in certain Old school runescape buy gold areas in the Charm Furnace if they or another dragon-rock fall kills you they could take Charm ores you drop and if you are carrying any at the time the charms its self.... Anything you get in the cavern can be lost (besides things from random events) but everything you earn cannot be dropped from the Mini Game.